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San Jose Back Pain Relief Helped by Walking 90 Minutes Weekly

Just walk! It’s simple. It’s cheap. It’s effective. Walking is a great way to get healthy and remain healthy. Walking is a fantastic way to discover relief from chronic pain and back pain. Chiropractic Solutions's San Jose chiropractic back pain specialist often advises walking as one of the initial activities to try to San Jose back pain patients. Here’s why…


It may seem strange when Chiropractic Solutions inquires about your sitting habits when you come in for San Jose back pain treatment and relief, but it is not! It’s well known and now even research documented that sitting for extended periods of time is a risk factor for low back pain. Recent research reports more emphatically that extensive sitting and low physical activity raises low back pain risk even more. (1) Chiropractic Solutions’s curiosity about your sitting habits is logical! Chiropractic Solutions’s recommendation to walk is, too.


San Jose walking is beneficial for San Jose back pain relief along with the back pain relieving San Jose chiropractic care at Chiropractic Solutions! Walking is beneficial for chronic musculoskeletal pain sufferers as those with low back pain, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Walking is an effective form of exercise for chronic pain relief and is related to significant improvements in pain and function. (2) Exercise and physical activities like muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise have plenty of backing for effectively managing low back pain. Weekly walking is growing more and more approval to be included on this list of effective exercises. For over-50 year olds, weekly walking of 90 minutes a week decreases the risk of low back pain. Lengthier walking sessions are seemingly preferred. Regular walking with longer duration for more than 3 days a week is significantly affiliated with lower low back pain risk. (3) Excitingly, a walking program is research-documented to have the cheapest costs and the highest level of adherence by back pain patients. (4) Chiropractic Solutions understands that our San Jose chiropractic patients will like that balance!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Amanda Harris on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about how well Cox® Technic helped a spinal stenosis back pain patient return to walking and begin again to enjoy.

Schedule a San Jose chiropractic appointment now. Chiropractic Solutions gets that San Jose back pain sufferers seek pain relief. The recommendation of “just walk” may be the right one for you! Walking is simple, cheap, and on your own time!

San Jose walking 3 days a week helps manage back pain, a great addition to San Jose chiropractic care at Chiropractic Solutions! 
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