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How long does it take for relief when Cox Technic Flexion Distraction is applied?

Each patient is unique. Some patients have suffered for years and others are experiencing their first bouts of pain. Factors such as the underlying cause of pain, the severity of the pain, your cooperation with the at-home instructions - exercise, hot/cold, modification of activities, appointments, etc. - all play a role. Some patients may be seen for just a week or two while others will be seen for 3 months. This doesn't mean you are seen daily for that time period; it just means that each treatment plan is individualized to the patient.

The Rule of 50% guides Cox Technic protocols. The physician monitors your care by seeking 50% relief of pain. This relief is measured subjectively (meaning you are asked to measure your relief) and objectively (meaning the physician performs certain key clinical tests like the straight leg raise to measure your relief). 50% relief may come in as little as one treatment or in 2 to 3 weeks of care. When 50% relief of pain is documented, the treatment visits are reduced by 50%. For example, if you are seen daily, you would then be seen every other day.

One fact to keep in mind though is that it takes 3 months to heal a disc. Consider a broken arm that is cast and is painfree in a few days. A physician doesn't take the cast off when there is no more pain reported. The cast stays on to allow healing. The spine may be painfree in a short amount of time, but true healing takes longer. The spine needs time to heal.

Cox Technic's goal is to get a patient out of pain and back to the painfree quality of life he or she wants. Research has shown that 91% of patients report relief within 3 months of care with an average of 29 days and 12 visits to attain maximum improvement. (Cox JM et al, Topics in Clinical Chiropractic 1996; 3(3):45-57, 79-81)


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